Voting and Consensus

A vote is initiated upon the submission of the Merkle-tree root hash of the calculated data for each specific use-case. All votes are tied to a voting round.

A voting round is determined by the unique identifier provided by each BC when the Smart Flow fetches the data from the respective BC system for each specific use-case.

For the current implementation, each worker computes the consensus right after its successful submission of a vote in a voting round. The worker fetches the previous vote submissions from EWX under the current voting round. The worker groups the root hashes and counts the submissions from unique operators per unique root hash.

The consensus is determined when a particular root hash contains the majority of submitted votes.

When the majority of votes is not met, the voting round becomes stale and no response coming from the network of worker nodes is expected. However, this scenario may be confirmed externally by directly querying on-chain using a third-party application which will not be available in this phase.

EWF will develop a more robust consensus orchestrator environment and will be available towards Q4 2024. More details will be shared once requirements are finalized at EWF.

InEExS Project Consensus Mechanism

In the case of the InEExS Project, consensus is determined using the formula below:

M = TO * 0.5 + 1

Wherein, M = majority of votes, and TO = Total operators subscribed in the solution group.

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