Smart Flows and Groups

A solution is a representation of a business case logic within the worker node networks. It is composed of the solution metadata and a Smart Flow definition file. The Smart Flow file is stored on a publicly available decentralized file system - IPFS (Interplanetary File System).

A solution group is a collection of solutions. Operators choose which solution group they opt to run and stake EWTs with. The worker node will run all active solutions under the subscribed solution group.

Smart Flows

A smart flow is a set of logical nodes that define a business use case. In EWX, smart flows are created and configured using Node RED which provides a browser-based flow editor that makes it easier for enterprises to wire together flows. However, contents of a Node RED node may be auto generated by any third party and be available as an independent, reusable node.

Smart flows are exported to JSON files and are stored on IPFS. Worker nodes of subscribed operators can automatically fetch these files and deploy into each respective instance.

Below is the sample generic sequence diagram describing the process from fetching data from each respective business case provider system, processing the data, submitting the result to EWX, calculating the consensus, and forwarding the results back to the BC system. Business Case (BC) providers are those entities who have access to EWX Launchpad and define the logic of the Smart Flows.

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