🔥Quick Start Guide

Once you are logged in to Launchpad, you will be able to set up your Blockchain API. To do so, follow the steps below.


Before you can create a new RPC endpoint, you will need a subscription.

To subscribe:

  1. Under Blockchain API in the left hand bar menu, click on "Subscription"

  2. In the subscription page, select the plan that fits your need. The "EW Member" plan is only available for enterprises that are Energy Web members.

Endpoint creation and management

Once you have subscribed, you are ready to create your first RPC endpoint. Proceed as per the instructions below.

  1. In the creation page, enter a name for your RPC endpoint and select the network that makes sense for your use case. The available networks are: EWC, EWX, REX and Volta.

  2. At the next step, under "Security" you can choose whether you want to set up JWT based security for your RPC endpoint. Please note that you can require or disable this form of security at creation or later when managing your existing endpoints.

    If you choose JWT as a requirement, these are the steps to find the Token and Public Key you will need:

    a. Go to www.jwt.io

    b. Select Algorithm as "RS256"

    c. You will see the following two sections: Encoded and Decoded

    d. You will find JWT token under Encoded and Public Key under Decoded

  3. Your RPC endpoint is ready! You can view and manage it by accessing "Manage" under Blockchain API in the left hand bar menu.

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