"My Account" in Launchpad

"My Account" is where you can update your and your organizations contact and billing details & view your account details.

You access and update "My Account":

  • In SaaS: by clicking "Settings" at the bottom left of the page OR by clicking on your account email and icon on the top right of the page.

  • In VaaS: your account details are only available via the account email and icon at the top right of the page.

My Profile

"My Profile" is the first item under "My Account". From "My Profile", you can view and update:

  • You personal data: first and last names, email address, phone number, website URL

  • Your addresses (coming soon): billing and shipping address ⚠ Please note that the Shipping address will determine tax exceptions Currently, addresses cannot be directly updated via your account. Please create a support ticket for us to update your addresses.

  • Your cards: payment cards used for your subscriptions. You can add and remove credits cards from here.

My Cloud

"My Cloud" is where you can set and update your Cloud data. The following Cloud solutions are compatible with Launchpad:

  • AWS

  • Cloud Ocean

  • GCP


Head to "Subscription" for an overview of all your and your organization's current subscriptions. You can directly update subscriptions from here and verify your corresponding payment data.

You can also review subscriptions per product.

Activity Logs

You "Activity Logs" contain all login and network activities that happened on your and your organization's account.

Organization (Coming Soon)

Please note that Organizations are not fully set-up in Launchpad yet.

The concept of Organizations within Launchpad allows multiple users to share common solutions and products. It means that users will be added under the same Organization umbrella and have a variety of access based on roles and other structures. Organizations will allow a common view for users that belong to it.

You can choose to use Launchpad as an individual, but if you need to work as an organization that will soon be directly accessible via your Account settings.

Until you can readily create an Organization in Launchpad, we invite to create a support ticket with this request if you wish to add additional users.

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