🔥Quick Start Guide

New user quick start guide on how to use basic functionalities of SmartFlow.

SmartFlow Basics

SmartFlow provides you with several main capabilities:

  1. Creation of business logic (SmartFlow) using the no-code NodeRed editor, either from scratch or with pre-defined templates

  2. Registering new Worker Network Solutions on the EnergyWebX parachain (EWX)

  3. Control of lifecycle created SmartFlows as well as registered Solutions

To understand the basic process of what happens when creating and registering a SmartFlow, check out the Worker Network Solution deployment flow.


Before you can start using SmartFlow, you will need a subscription.

To subscribe:

  1. Go to https://launchpad.energyweb.org/ and login using your existing credentials if you are an Energy Web Member, or the social login options (Google and Github).

  2. Select the subscription relevant to you and proceed to the payment. The "EW Member" plan is only available for enterprises that are Energy Web members. Once your payment is completed, you subscription is active.

Creation & Deployment of new solution

Creation of New SmartFlow

  1. Assuming that you have an active subscription, you are ready to create a new SmartFlow. Click on SmartFlow in the left hand side menu, and click "Create new". Select "SmartFlow" in the pop un that appears and click "Continue".

  2. On the templates choice screen, choose the template that is relevant to you or select "Create your own" and click "Select Template". In the following examples, we are using the EV Green Reward - EXAMPLE.

  3. The next screen will give you more information on the template you selected. If it fits your needs, click "✔️ Use this template"

  4. Give your SmartFlow a name and description and click "Save"

Registration of new Worker Network Solution

  1. Populate the Solution Information details. You will be asked to select if your Worker Network solution is subject to production deployment or not. Choosing "No" will mean that your solution will only be deployed on the Playground SmartFlow Worker Node Network only. Choosing "Yes" will trigger a review process allowing your solution to be added to a public SmartFlow pool. For the full process, please see the following page.

    Once you have filled in all the fields, press "Continue".

  2. In the solution workload tab, in a Work Logic choose the SmartFlow you have created earlier or the one that is relevant to your current solution. Press "Continue".

  3. Determine your solution expiration block and click "Register".

  4. The Solution registration consists of two steps:

    1. Solution registration on-chain

    2. Adding to a solution group.

  5. Activate your solution by clicking on the three dots on the Worker Network Solution card, and then selecting "Activate".

Validate your work

If you want to verify that your actions were correctly recorded on the blockchain: Go to polkadot.js interface choose workerNodePallet & the solutions method as shown below. On the top right, disable "include option" and click on the "+" symbol. You can then search for your solution using the namespace that you have chosen at registration.

You should be able to query and find the solution you registered. The "Work Logic" field indicates the IPFS CID where your SmartFlow logic is stored, while the "Status" reflects the current state of the solution.

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