Green Proofs as a Service (GPSaaS): What is it?

Green Proofs as a Service is now available for companies of all sizes to use. The main benefit and goal for it is to have an independent platform assessing emission reductions that happen through a product, a service or process. So far we have built use cases for the aviation industry in alternative fuel usage, as well as the emission savings caused by the usage of low-emission fuel in the maritime industry. You can check out more information related to that here

The main advantage of using GPSaaS is that you can test proof of concept at a fraction of the cost and time of what would otherwise take, and brings you closer to a decision in terms of a full-fledged platform.

It takes less than 10 minutes to create a registry using the customization flow!

You can use the GP SaaS solution, by going to the launchpad application and click on the Green Proofs button on the sidebar

There are two major areas that you need to have in mind when creating the Green Proof Registry using our service which we will dive into separately:

  1. The functionalities that any registry that you create offers

  2. Customization of the registry through the service itself (with more and more of the registry becoming customizable in the future)

To access the registry creation you will first need to subscribe to one of our tier subscriptions. If you are a member, this service is free for the first 2 months, and if want to have a demo of the platform before subscribing, we are more than happy to provide you one by writing a request here.

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